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The coaching methods we utilise are at the forefront of modern cycling training techniques. Whether for racing, completing a sportive, or losing weight, coaching is an absolute fundamental for reaching your highest potential as an athlete. With the RST Sport coaches we’re behind you every step of the way


Using innovative training techniques that have been developed year on year to suit each and every rider we coach across the world. For those that don’t want a coach our Training Plans will take your fitness to the next level.


Born in 1998 as RST with a desire to help cyclists improve their performance and to end the mysticism that surrounded coaching and training, RST evolved into RST Sport Ltd.


Michael Freiberg, one of our many professional and world-class clients, takes the rainbow jersery in the Omnium event at the 2011 World Track Cycling Championships!


RST Sport specialise in evidence based and creative solutions to sports performance challenges. What this means for you is that we know effective and proven means to help you or your team become faster, stronger, leaner and more successful in competition, or your recreational sporting activities.
As coaches, we are passionate about our sport and exercise. We are all active and competitive and have achieved numerous personal peaks at all levels of the sport. RST coaches know at first hand the passion and commitment required for success.
Our clients have achieved success in numerous national and world championships, have moved through the ranks from amateur to professional status and most importantly they have fulfilled their vision for how good they can be and more.


Find out more about the coaches at RST sport, our coaches have worked with all types of cyclists and triathletes. Road racing, time trialling, sportives, track, cyclo cross, triathlon or weight loss and fitness – we’ve helped athletes in all these events and more.


RST coaches athletes of all levels across several continents. We have been proud to coach world and national champions, record holders, and riders seeking to take their training to the next level in order to beat their personal best at the local time trial. We can and do coach every type of rider, in every discipline, at every level.


With the Tour drawing to a close, we’re offering one final chance to get the special offer on our 8 coaching levels. Simply sign up to the Bronze or Rainbow packages for 9 months, or the Silver, Gold & Podium Packages for 6 months to kick start the rest of your season!

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