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Why RST Sport?

RST Sport specialise in evidence based and creative solutions to sports performance challenges. What this means for you is that we know effective and proven means to help you or your team become faster, stronger, leaner and more successful in competition, or your recreational sporting activities.

As coaches, we are passionate about our sport and exercise. We are all active and competitive and have achieved numerous personal peaks at all levels of the sport. RST coaches know at first hand the passion and commitment required for success. Our clients have achieved success in numerous national and world championships, have moved through the ranks from amateur to professional status and most importantly they have fulfilled their vision for how good they can be and more.

How we can help you acheive your goals-

Guided training specifically taiolored to your goals, needs, and individual physiology

Training with the lastest in scientific methods and tools to maximize your gains

Power meter sales and calibration

Training templates for those in need of more economical training solutions

What our clients are saying about RST Sport-

Michael Freiberg, Australian Track Team, 2011 UCI World Omnium Champion

To me the RST Sport team is my Formula One pit crew, ready to squeeze every ounce of performance from my body. Whether it be in aerodynamics, nutrition, training, testing, racing, pursuiting or sprinting, every facet of my performance is recorded, measured, calculated and analysed finding improvements in speed, efficiency and recovery. RST is my personal sports institute devoted to making me faster.

Niv Libner (Amore Vita) reveals the impact of RST coaching

For me the personal treatment from RST changed the way I train, into a world of a scientific workouts. The revolution in my training habits helped me achieve a new level of fitness. With the guidance of Ric Stern, I achieved really nice victories, in the national championship and the Spanish race "Volta ciclista Vigo". This season I will race for the professional team Amore & Vita, and it's hard to imagine I would have reached this level without RST.

As a progressive and growing company, we're always seeking coaches, trainers and advisors you could be someone we'd love to have you with us. If you have coaching experience and a great track record in evidence based programs, please contact Ric Stern to discuss a progressive career with RST. We're seeking coaches from cycling and any cycling related sport in any country who feel that they can bring something unique to RST in return for the marketing and technical support offered by a collection of professionals with a sound business structure.

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Michael Freiberg, one of our many professional and world-class clients, takes the rainbow jersery in the Omnium event at the 2011 World Track Cycling Championships!