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Short-term Packages


This package is for the sportive rider who wants to be able to have a strong sportive season whether it be summer or winter, or even both, and be able to finish well in sportives of varying distances and difficulties. If you love riding sportives but need guidance on how to recover, train and prepare for the next event then the RST Sport General sportive package is for you!

So what can you expect?

Well to begin with we’ll have a simple Q&A with you to establish what your goals are and the types of sportives that give you that desire to train!

Following the initial consultation we’ll be able to put together a specific plan tailored to your needs, taking into account the time and facilities you have to train in. Here at RST Sport we understand time constraints and make sure the plans are realistic around work, family and other commitments.

During the 3 month initial package you will be able to get access to your coach’s knowledge at the end of each 4 week period, this will enable us to get feedback on your progress and adapt your plan in accordance to your improvement. This particular sportive plan is aimed at the sportive rider with a burning ambition to finish in the leading pack, beat last year’s times and brag to friends and family about your rides! So Sign up below for your first 3 months and let’s get started!

The package highlights:

  • Training plans specific to events
  • Nutritional guidelines to aid your training
  • Communication with your own assigned coach via our online coaching portal
  • Evaluation of performances to develop your training
  • An introduction to road racing or time trialling if you decide to give it a go!
  • Membership to the RST Sport Team with the ability to purchase team kit

Cost: £250 per 3 months

Weight Loss/Fitness Package

Have you decided it’s time you got out on that bike that has been in the garage for a good few years? Well this package is designed to give you that motivation and ambition, through cycling, to lose weight. The carefully constructed plan will include nutritional advice to supplement the training plan that you will be provided with.

This package is for the sportive, recreational or racing cyclist who wants to lose weight or improve general fitness as their main goal. If you enjoy riding your bike and need to get in shape, then this package is definitely for you! Utilise the knowledge of the RST Sport professional coaches and reach all of your goals in the coming season!

You set your targets and we will advise you on how to make them realistic and achievable, not only that but we’ll provide you with the right training to smash your goals in time for big events, whether it be races, sportives, or simply getting fitter and losing weight. We take every target just as serious as any other, and are committed to helping you achieve what you’re capable of, and more

The package highlights:

  • A large emphasis on training plans targeted at losing weight
  • Nutritional guidelines from experienced coaches
  • Communication with your assigned coach each month via our online coaching portal
  • Evaluation of goals and progress each month so that we can adapt your plan and make any necessary changes
  • Membership to the RST Team with the ability to purchase team kit

Cost: £275 per 3 months

One Big Event

If you’re a sportive rider and have booked that one big event next summer because all of your mates did, or If you’re a time trialler and really want to smash the National 10 and finish with the best possible placing, or if you’re a road racer and want to win your local crits or regional champs, then here at RST Sport we’re committed to getting you to where you want to be by your target event.

Our performance coaches will tailor training plans to enable you to reach you optimum performance within the time that you have. This package is ideal for riders with one big goal for the forthcoming season, if you like the sound of this but have a busy racing season planned we might recommend you take a look at our existing coaching packages ranging from Bronze to Rainbow.

The package highlights:

  • Consultation- this process involves in depth analysis of your experience and ability as a rider and your goal
  • We’ll help you analyse everything about the event you’re aiming for in order to best prepare you to reach your goal
  • You will receive a discount on an Aero-Coach session which will further help you to reach your goal
  • Monthly communication with your assigned coach via our online coaching portal
  • Fully customized programs
  • Key workouts defined using power zones where appropriate
  • Membership to the RST Team with the ability to purchase team kit

Cost: £275 per 3 months

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