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RSTSport training plans deliver an economical, easy to use and understand, path to your athletic success!

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Tailored. Scientific. Online. Power or HR based. Access to Coach. Professional. Great Value.

RST Sport Training Plans are designed to increase your fitness, help you reach your goals, and to become a better cyclist in your main discipline. Riders who follow an RST Sport Training Plan can expect increased power output, better aerobic fitness, greater cycling performance, increased climbing ability, and weight loss. All plans are based on the same scientifically-based training principles applied with all RST Sport clients and coaching services. RST Sport Training Plans are a suitable for all riders who want to maximise their training time on a limited budget, or perhaps want to trial what it's like to follow a sound training plan, without committing to a coaching relationship.

What does it look like?

In the left-hand column are sample images showing what an RST Sport Training Plan looks like via an internet browser. It is illustrative only; the training shown is not intended to be taken literally!

Is the system hard to use? back to top
Not at all but you will need to have some basic skills at accessing a website. To help out there are tutorial videos within the portal to explain how to use the plans, and coaches are on hand to answer questions if you need. It's all managed within the portal.

Can I ask questions about the training or get help along the way?
RST Sport Training Plans have been designed as a low cost way to provide a plan suitable for your riding goals, training time availability and fitness level. Part of keeping the price down means that specific coaching support is limited. Nevertheless, RST Sport's online coaching portal provides a social media style communications interface, enabling you to post thoughts, ideas, questions, and our coaches are able to respond and interact with you accordingly.