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At RST Sport we love cycling and triathlon, and our mission is to provide you with coaching, to help you win races, complete a sportive, compete in a triathlon, or lose weight. And, don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of time to train, we’re masters at cramming in highly effective training in to your available time. The RST Sport coaches have worked with all types of cyclists and triathletes. Road racing, time trialling, sportives, track, cyclo cross, triathlon or weight loss and fitness – we’ve helped athletes in all these events and more.

We have an enviable track record with our athletes, more than 98% of our riders meet and/or exceed their goals and we do our utmost to make sure our athletes are happy (or as happy as you can be while being given a bunch of intervals to deal with!). And whats more our athletes stay with us on average for 24 months.

Whether you’re male or female, young or old, riding a sportive, or competing in a TT, we will help you achieve your goals. RST Sport coaches have ensured that our athletes have won virtually every traditional cycling National Championship or World Championship

How Does Coaching Work?

Using our specialist techniques, and our intimate knowledge of cycling and triathlon allows RST Sport to provide the highest levels of coaching support. We provide a range of coaching packages which differ in the amount of contact that is provided and the depth to which we plan and analyse your coaching. While some types of coaching are specific to a certain coaching level, other coaching levels are more open to allow you to choose the detail you want.

Perhaps you want to ride a sportive? Then one of our short-term coaching packages such as the ‘Sportive’ package or the ‘Weight Loss/Fitness’ package could be ideal for you. On the other hand you may want long term coaching so the Bronze to Rainbow packages may suit better. Perhaps you’re a ‘roadie’, and want monthly contact and training, so the Bronze package could be great for you. On the other hand, if you’ve got a power meter on every bike, and never ride without it and want to chat with your coach daily, and have super detailed analysis then the Rainbow package is for you – we’ve produced World Champions with that package!

So, What is Next?

As soon as you get in touch, one of our team will take some basic details from you, and we’ll then send you out a detailed Training Questionnaire. It’s in depth, so don’t try to complete it all at once. But don’t worry if you can’t answer everything. Once we assign a coach to you they’ll ask further questions and have a good discussion with you. As soon as we get the questionnaire back from you we’ll send out a contract explaining our terms etc and arrange payment. That’s the boring stuff out of the way and we’ll then either assign you the most suitable coach or you’ll be able to choose (depending on the package you want). After that, we’ll ask you to send us previous training files. It doesn’t matter whether these are HR files, or power meter files or some other combination – as much as we love power data (and we’re pioneers at power data) we work with athletes who have HR only data and ‘naked’ athletes with no gadgets whatsoever!

Next up we’ll set you up in our online coaching portal – here you’ll be able to chat with your coach, upload your events, send training files, and download your actual training. Our portal works with computers, smart phones, and tablets so there’s no escape from us ;-). Shudder the thought! And here the coaching journey starts. You’ll get to know your coach, and they’ll get to know you. Sometimes you’ll find they’re your friend, other times your confidant, and other times your taskmaster! Our coaches have a variety of roles and are trained to the highest standards. Most importantly they care, and we can help you to win or succeed like never before. Just remember you can’t spell first without RST!

Long-term Coaching Services

Here at RST Sport we offer 5 different levels of coaching, ranging from weekly plans with limited contact right through to daily interaction with your chosen coach! Each level of coaching is designed to consistently get the most out of the athlete and cater for every requirement along the way!

Short-term Packages

We understand that a long term commitment might not be for every athlete, so we have constructed 3 special coaching packages with 3 month duration, each specializing in a different aspect of improving performanc
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