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Few businesses can offer world-class guidance for less than £25 per week – yet our Bronze level service does just that. Your program will be designed from scratch by an RST coach, based on your individual needs, using the same core sessions as our more advanced programs.


Often our Bronze athletes are so delighted with the results they gain with RST, that they wish to move up a gear and get additional input. A little extra weekly input from your coach, more tweaking, more in-depth dietary guidance, and before you know it you’ll be leaving behind your old self.


RST Gold is for serious athletes seeking serious improvement and consolidation of their performances over time. For committed individuals who are success oriented, the Gold program will deliver an exceptional program for positive change.


The RST Sport Podium package is the next step up from the well established Gold package and is designed to provide a distinct level of personalized coaching which has the sole purpose, of making sure that any coached athlete can step up onto the podium as much as possible!


This pairs you with one of our senior coaches for a full one to one program designed to leave no stone uncovered in your quest for enhanced performances. Using methods developed over years of research and coaching experience, you will be guided expertly and safely to new levels of personal fitness.


Choice of RST Coach RST Appointed RST Appointed Athlete’s choice Athlete’s choice Athlete’s choice
RST Coach Minimum Level RST Power Coach RST Power Coach RST Senior Coach RST Senior Coach Performance Director
Method of communication Web & phone Web & phone Web, email & phone Web, Skype & phone Web, Skype & phone
Training history assessment Yes In depth In depth Complete Complete
Establishment of current performance level Detailed Detailed & event specific Detailed & event specific Detailed & event specific Detailed & event specific
Goal Setting Key races/criteria only Discussed and agreed In depth assistance In depth assistance In depth assistance
Training Alterations 1 per month 2 per month 4 per month 8 per month Unlimited
Training programme provided 4 weekly Fortnightly Fortnightly Weekly Weekly
Phone calls with coach 1 per 3months 1 per month 3 per month 8 per month Unlimited
Coaching portal chat with coach 1 per week 2 per week 4 per week 7 per week Unlimited
Coached rides with coach/supervised training session Not included Not included Occasional Yes (one per quarter) Yes (one per month)
Physiological testing Not included Not included Not included 1 per year 1 per quarter
Analysis of training files Monthly Fortnightly Weekly Several times per week Daily
In depth analysis of your training Moderate Detailed Detailed Highly specific Highly specific
Pre & post event analysis No Yes – key events Yes – key events Yes – All events Yes – All events
Performance Review No Annual Annual 6-monthly Quarterly
Race tactics No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power meter calibration Available for a fee Available for a fee Yes Yes Yes
Minimum coaching term 6 months 3 months 3 months 6 months 6 months
Cancellation 1 month 1 month 1 month 2 months 2 months
Start Up fee £50 £75 £125 £125 £125
Cycling (UK Coach) per month (£) £100 £150 £250 £375 £500
Cycling fee (Australian Coach) (AUS$) $160 $240 $360 $550 $750
Multisport (UK Coach) per month £110 £165 £275 £410 £550
Ideal for Entry level coaching, RR, TT, & Triathlon RRing, TTing, Track, MTB, Triathlon Our most popular package – detailed and effective Close to the podium, but not quite there? This will get you there Those wanting detailed coach interaction and the highest level of coaching available
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