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Our coaches have worked with all types of cyclists and triathletes.
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Neil Kent

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  • To me the RST Sport team is my Formula One pit crew, ready to squeeze every ounce of performance from my body. Whether it be in aerodynamics, nutrition, training, testing, racing, pursuiting or sprinting, every facet of my performance is recorded, measured, calculated and analysed finding improvements in speed, efficiency and recovery. RST is my personal sports institute devoted to making me faster.

    Michael Freiburg
    Michael FreiburgAustralian Track Team
  • I am so pleased to have chosen to train with RST during the winter of 2014. I have never trained with a structured training plan before or with power. Ric's plans showed me how to properly build base and push myself in proper power zones to efficiently increase my fitness. I was able to increase my FTP 15% in 12 weeks. I was more than pleased! Thanks RST!

    Luc Belliveau
    Luc BelliveauCoached by Ric Stern
  • There's an art and science to racing bikes successfully, and Xav has a consummate understanding of both of those aspects as they relate to the sport. We work remotely, but his relentlessly positive, constantly enthusiastic attitude--no doubt borne from a deep love of cycling--is contagious and uplifting. But then, he's also rigorously objective and scientific in his analysis. There's no guessing or speculation, he's able to use the numbers as a foundation for some pretty creative insights, thus there's a bulletproof reason for everything he prescribes in a training plan. It's amazing the level of confidence this inspires. To get down to brass tacks, the specific improvement I've seen has been startling: a 25% boost in 5-second and 20-second power, and slightly higher than that for 60-seconds. Given that I have a rather long athletic history, I've been thrilled with the progress we've made in just 8 month's time. Of course, racing is more than just power numbers, and Xav's been able to keep my head clear, erase any silly moments of doubt, and ensure the focus stays sharp.

    Bradley Gutting, USA
    Bradley Gutting, USA Coached by Xavier Disley
  • I would recommend Ric Stern to anyone who is looking for professional and well organised coaching which is scientific and expertly tailored to each cyclist. I have been very impressed with the detailed tweaking of my program from week to week which expertly addresses the various phases of my training including endurance building, tapering, racing and recovery. I have been very happy with my improvement as a cyclist under Ric's guidance and enthusiatically recommend him to anyone wishing to improve their cycling.

    Alex Lehrer, Australia
    Alex Lehrer, AustraliaCoached by Ric Stern
  • Since starting with Ric I've noticed steady improvement every day and feel great every time I get on the bike. He clearly has a lot of knowledge about training methodology and is fun to talk with as well. I'm more excited than ever to start racing this season to put all the hard work to good use!"

    Stuart Wight, Canada
    Stuart Wight, Canada Coached by Ric Stern
  • I sought out a good coach after I had been racing and training hard for nearly 20 years and wanted to see if I could improve any further. RST Sport's evidenced based coaching really appealed to my scientific background and the choice was made. During the time I was coached by Ric, I hit every goal I'd set out to at the start, both short and long term. I set a competition record for 12 hours, I won the BBAR and the National Time Trial Series, I won three silver medals and a bronze at the national championships along with numerous age group medals, I managed 18'09 and 47'40 for 10 and 25 miles, I was able to peak for my chosen events but most importantly I got more out of myself than I ever thought possible. I highly recommend RST to anyone, whatever their level.

    Jeff Jones, UK
    Jeff Jones, UKCoached by Ric Stern
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