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RSTSport training plans deliver an economical, easy to use and understand, path to your athletic success!

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RST Sport Training Plans

The following plan type options are available, which are then further customised for you based on various criteria:

Season starter / Base Builder I This plan is perfect for those who are just starting out and want to improve overall fitness and attain weight loss goals, or for those starting back on the bike after a break from training and need to get ready for some harder work to follow. Get through this plan and the rest of the season will be your oyster!
Base Builder II Once you've finished Part I and basic fitness levels have improved, use this plan to continue to develop further, preparing you for the challenges ahead. It's also a great plan for those who have been back training for a month or two and want to take their fitness to the next level.
Time Trial Power Booster I Perfect for those who want to focus on lifting their threshold power output, which is so important for performance in time trial events, and indeed for all forms of racing. Get ready to take on your club TT series, or the challenge of some open time trial events, or use as a threshold power development phase in preparation for other events.
Time Trial Power Booster II Take yourself to the next level, for those that want to build on the work done with TT Power Booster Part I.
Sportive Preparation Have a big event coming up in 2-3 months? Need help to get ready for those long cols? This is the perfect way to prepare for a great event. Even better if you have done a Base Builder plan beforehand.
Crit & Road Racing Preparation This one will not only give your threshold a boost, but also include efforts to prepare you for the demands of criterium and road racing. Be prepared for some cracking efforts! Best that you have had some training under your belt first before tackling this plan. The Base Builder or Time Trial Power Booster would be perfect. Get through this and your ride buddies will be wondering what your secret is.

We will be adding more plans options in future. We'll even create new plans based on your suggestions, so tell us what you would like to see!